Top 10 IIT Coaching in Sikar


If you are looking for the Top IIT-JEE coaching in Sikar that gives toppers and engineers, you have come to the right place. Here, you can find out more about the top 10 IIT coaching institutes in Sikar and learn about the features, benefits, and results they offer.

We are providing honest reviews to help JEE students gain an in-depth understanding of the quality of academic guidance for IIT entrance exam preparation i.e. JEE in Sikar. This way, students and their parents can easily determine which JEE coaching is the best option for them.

How is Sikar for IIT and JEE preparation?

Sikar is good for IIT and JEE preparation. In fact, Sikar is known for its many educational institutions and for its thriving competitive exam preparation industry like other cities Kota, Delhi, etc. For those looking to prepare for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), there are a number of great options for JEE-IIT coaching classes in the city, of Sikar. These classes provide specialized guidance and assistance to students, helping them to succeed in their exam preparation. Some of the best JEE-IIT classes in Sikar, Rajasthan include Matrix Academy, Allen Sikar, CLC, PCP, and more. All of these institutes have experienced faculty, comprehensive study material, and a systematic approach to teaching, making them ideal for those looking to excel in their JEE-IIT preparation.

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Top IIT Coachings Institutes in Sikar 

If one is looking for institutes offering preparation for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) in Sikar, There are more than 10+ such institutes. To make the selection process easier, here are the 8 best IIT academies in Sikar as per our survey:

  1. Rank-1: Matrix JEE Academy
  2. Rank-2: Allen Sikar
  3. Rank-3: CLC Sikar
  4. Rank-4: PCP-JEE/IIT Academy
  5. Rank-5: GCI Sikar
  6. Rank-6: Kautilya IIT Academy
  7. Rank-7: Aakash Institute, Sikar
  8. Rank-8: Mach Academy

This article compares and contrasts the top 10 IIT coaching institutes in Sikar to help students decide which one will best suit their needs. Each institute is evaluated on the basis of its faculty, infrastructure, fee structure, past results, and other services. By taking into account these factors, students can make an informed decision and select the institute which is best suited to their requirements.

Overview: Best IIT JEE Institutes

The following are the best coaching institutes compared in Sikar: ALLEN Sikar, CLC, PCP, MATRIX JEE Academy, Kautliya, GCI, Mach, and Aakaash.

Our analysis suggests that MATRIX is a clear winner when it comes to JEE coaching in Sikar, and ALLEN in Sikar comes in as a distant second. The other institutes are not even the same standard as MATRIX and ALLEN. While ALLEN is undoubtedly the largest coaching institute at the PAN India level, with many top ranks at all India levels, including one All India rank-1, in Sikar, their best ranks are always behind MATRIX. Although ALLEN has the highest number of faculty members at the all-India level, in Sikar, Matrix JEE academy has more faculty members than them.

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Let’s check our parameters and comparison views of the top 3 best JEE coaching institutes for IIT in Sikar India.

This year’s result i.e. JEE Main 2023 | January Attempt

Coaching institutes from Sikar have achieved a commendable feat in the JEE Main 2023 January attempt. The below coaching institutes have secured the highest number of selections in the JEE Main exam in 2023. These institutes have done a remarkable job in helping students to qualify for the JEE Main exam and have enabled them to further their journey towards their dream.

1: Matrix Academy JEE Main Result 2023:

  • Mayank Soni got 100 percentile in all subjects, he is an All India Joint Topper from Matrix Sikar
  • 5 Matrix students Above 99.95%ile in JEE Main 2023
  • 60 Matrix students Above 99%ile in JEE Main 2023

2: Allen Sikar JEE Main Result 2023:

  • 16 students scored 99.5%ile in JEE Main 2023
  • 30 students scored 99%ile in JEE Main 2023
  • 62 students scored 98%ile in JEE Main 2023

3: PCP Sikar JEE Main Result 2023:

  • 26 PCPians scored above 99%tile in JEE Main 2023
  • 20 students scored 99%tile + in JEE Main 2023

As you can see above Matrix Academy has given a topper to India again in 2023 (highest in Sikar), Allen Sikar achieved the second-highest selection of students from Sikar, and, third topper and fourth topper are also from Matrix Academy. Hence, Matrix Academy, once again, topped the JEE Exam, this time in Sikar.

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Faculty Quality at Sikar’s Best Coachings

The faculty at Matrix, Allen, CLC, and PCP can be fairly compared to the faculty at any of the ten IIT institutes in Sikar, we have mentioned above. Matrix and Allen, however, stand out for having faculty members who have more than a decade of experience in coaching IIT aspirants and producing good results in IIT-JEE exams.

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The infrastructure of Coaching Centers

If we talk about the best IIT coaching center infrastructure in Sikar, then the institutes of Prince, CLC, Matrix, and Allen have the most attractive and appealing infrastructure compared to the others. They have the best classrooms and laboratories with the latest technology and resources, making it easy for students to learn and understand. The ambiance of the institutes is also top-notch and is designed in a way to make students feel comfortable and motivated while studying.

Sikar IIT Coaching FEE Structure & Other Facilities

When it comes to IIT coaching in Sikar, five of the top institutes – Allen, Matrix, CLC, Prince, and GCI- all charge the same fee structure. While other institutes may offer lower fees, the facilities offered by these top five institutes are unsurpassed. They offer an unbeatable combination of quality teaching, state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced faculty, and comprehensive study material. In terms of value for money, these institutes are hard to beat.

Hence, the above all four parameters we have checked to give you the top 10 IIT coaching in Sikar, Rajasthan India.


After researching various coaching centers in Sikar for IIT preparation, it can be concluded that Matrix Sikar is the best coaching center for IIT preparation in Sikar that comes in the first place. And, Allen Sikar comes in 2nd place that is offering good coaching for IIT-JEE. The institute provides dedicated and comprehensive IIT coaching for students and has a proven track record of producing successful results. The faculty is highly experienced and knowledgeable which helps in providing quality education to the students. The institute also has a great infrastructure and provides various amenities like a library, digital classrooms, and a hostel facility.

In addition to this, these institutes also provide study material and regular tests to ensure that the students are well-prepared for the IIT entrance exam. Therefore, it can be said that Matrix Academy and Allen are the best coaching centers in Sikar for IIT preparation.

Hope you liked our list of the top 10 IIT coaching in Sikar.