Gurukripa Sikar- Gurukripa Career Institute(GCI)


Gurukripa Career Institute in Sikar, which is also known as GCI Sikar. They provide preparation for JEE/IIT/NEET/Pre-Foundation for engineers, medical, doctors (MBBS) aspirants, and students. If you are a resident of Sikar and are thinking of taking admission to Gurukripa Sikar.


You must be thinking to start your research by going to the GCI head branch i.e. Gurukripa Career Institute Sikar, Rajasthan.

Nothing to worry about! Read our honest and brief (A to Z details) review about GCI Sikar. Also, know how Gurukripa is doing in NEET/JEE/IIT/Pre Foundation in Sikar.

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Everything About GCI Gurukripa Sikar: Gurukripa Career Institute

During the survey of Gurukripa Career Institute of Sikar, we have gathered everything from basic to advance information about them, which we are presenting to you through this blog article. We have taken this information from Gurukripa students and parents of students studying in it because we want to provide you with an accurate review of GCI Sikar.

As we tell our readers in each of our reviews that we do not want them to waste their precious time (Visit Gurukripa’s official site for basic information and then back to us for advanced details). Hence, we have shared everything that you need to know about GCI.

Overview: Basic Information of Guru Kripa Sikar

Institute Name: Gurukripa Sikar


Gurukripa Sikar Contact Number:   1800-123-5088

Where is [GCI] Gurukripa Career Institute in Sikar?

Here is the address of Gurukripa Career Institute of Sikar;

GCI in Sikar: Jyoti Nagar, Piprali Rd, Jat Colony, Sikar, Rajasthan 332001.

Is there any branch of GCI other than Sikar?

Yes, GCI (Gurukripa Career Institute) has another branch in Alwar, Rajasthan other than Sikar. Here is the address of the GCI branch of Alwar: Basant Vihar, Alwar, Rajasthan 301001.

Gurukripa Career Institute has only two branches in India but its headquarter is in Sikar. And it is true that people know more about GCI Sikar. However, Guru Kripa Career Institute does not promote its Alwar branch as much as they do its Sikar branch.

How is Gurukripa Sikar?

Gurukripa Career Institute provides coaching for NEET/JEE/IIT/Pre-Foundation. Hence, to know how GCI is giving education to its students in Sikar, we have to know everything separately. Apart from this,

  • GCI (Gurukripa Sikar) has a good faculty team
  • They have good classrooms in their institute.
  • GCI has also given very good results in Sikar
  • Gurukripa Sikar has a long queue of students in every class

Also, due to the high student ratio under Gurukripa, their teachers are unable to pay attention to each and every one of their students.

Is GCI Sikar good for NEET?

If your dream is to become a doctor or want to join a top medical college in India, then for this you have to clear the NEET exam with good marks (high Rank). NEET exam is one of the toughest exams, which is given by almost lakhs of students in India every year. So, if you are looking to join GCI Sikar for your NEET preparation, you must be thinking about “Is GCI good for NEET?” and how is Gurukripa Sikar faculty, teaching method, Gurukripa Sikar fee chart, test series, and more.

NEET exam will be conducted for admissions to MBBS, BDS, Ayush, BSc nursing, and other medical courses.  

GCI in Sikar, they are giving good results in the NEET exam and giving tough competition to other coaching centers also.

This will be a good option for you if you are looking for an institute that can help you a little while preparing for the NEET exam. But, if you are one of those students who need more support then do not choose GCI as your NEET coaching in Sikar. Because they have too many students in a class.
Despite having a good NEET faculty, Gurukripa’s Sikar faculty are not able to answer everyone’s questions on time.


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Is GCI good for JEE/IIT coaching in Sikar?

If you want to get admission to the best Government engineering college in India then you have to clear JEE exam (JEE Main & JEE Advanced )with good marks. Like NEET, JEE exam is also known as one of the toughest exams which lakhs of students take every year. If you are also wondering whether Gurukripa Career Institute would be the right choice for me; You have to understand some more points which we have shared below:

How is Gurukripa career institute in Sikar for JEE coaching?

  • Gurukripa Career Institute doesn’t have a well-qualified team to teach JEE students in Sikar(They focus more on their NEET classes)
  • They have achieved good results in JEE exams but their result consistency is not stable
  • Gci Sikar building is good
  • Gurukripa in Sikar has high students ratio and low teachers ratio

Gurukripa Sikar has not achieved as much as other coaching institutes are achieving in Sikar (JEE Exam). So, if you want to join GCI Sikar for IIT preparation, you may need to explore your options with other JEE institutes in Sikar.


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What are Gurukripa Sikar’s fees?

To know the fees of Gurukripa Sikar, we asked the students studying in Gurukripa and their parents, then we came to know that their fee structure is the same as other institutions in Sikar. But GCI Sikar is charging a very high fee as per the facility given to its students. Or, we can say that GCI is not offering the facilities that other top institutes in Sikar are offering to their students within the same fee structure.

Also, we have checked the official site of Gurukripa Career Institute to know their fee structure but they have not mentioned it anywhere.

Gurukripa Sikar hostel fees:

Gurukripa also provides accommodation/hostel facilities to its students in Sikar, Rajasthan. GCI Sikar provides other facilities like food, transportation, and laundry to their students. The transport ad Laundry facility is good but the food quality is not up to the mark. Or, we can say Gurukripa is charging more per the facilities provided to their students staying in their hostels.

Hence, Gurukripa Sikar hostel fees are high, but they haven’t shared their fee chart anywhere on their official sites. However, if you want to know Gurukripa Sikar’s online classes fees and GCI hostel fees, you need to contact their management team or need to call them.

Gurukripa Career Institute, Sikar Contact Number: 1800-123-5088

How is Gurukripa sikar online classes?

Gurukripa Sikar’s online classes have been started only after Covid-19. Gurukripa’s online classes are just fine, it means neither too much good nor too bad. The video lectures Gurukripa Sikar faculty give to their students are not of very good quality. While watching lectures, GCI students have to understand something, then they face a lot of problems in watching videos(poor quality lectures). And the most different thing is that GCI’s Sikar faculty keep changing day by day, so their students have to study from new faculty every time- That’s quite difficult for their students.

How is the Gurukripa Sikar online test series?

Gurukripa’s online test series is also very popular among the students of Sikar. Because GCI also provides its test series to the students who do not study in their institute. That’s why we did a survey for it too. When we surveyed students who bought the GCI Test Series; we came across a few points which we have covered below;

  • Gurukripa Career Institute has not included any specific questions in this series
  • Almost all the questions in their test series are the same
  • Students also believe that GCI’s test series did not help them much in the examination

Does Gurukripa accept online payments? Yes, Gurukripa also accepts online payments for their online classes and offline classes in Sikar.


Gurukripa Career Institute provides JEE/NEET/Pre-Foundation Coaching in Sikar. If you wish to enroll your child in GCI in Sikar, you can choose them. Or, you can research more about top JEE/NEET/Pre-Foundation Coaching in Sikar before jumping to any final conclusions. In Sikar, you have 10+ more top institutes, which are getting high ranking and good results. You have to be careful as it is a matter of education and career.

Hope our honest review has given you the right information and helped you make the right decision.