Sikar Top IIT Coaching Institutes: Hidden Facts


Sikar is known as the second hub for education in Rajasthan, just after Kota. It’s known for its coaching centers that help students prepare for exams like IIT, JEE, and NEET. Today, we’ll look into some hidden facts about the top coaching institutes, revealing unique details that make them stand out in the world of IIT preparation.

Let’s find out those hidden facts about top coaching institutes for JEE Sikar Rajasthan.

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Top 3 IIT-JEE Institutes of Sikar Rajasthan

As we all know Matrix, Allen, CLC, and PCP are the top institutes for IIT coaching. we are going to tell some hidden facts about them:

Let’s start one by one:

Matrix Academy


Matrix Academy is known for its IIT/JEE results and is one of the best choices among students for IIT coaching in Sikar. They have a Top faculty team of Sikar and they are highly experienced in preparing IIT aspirants.

Coachings/Program: IIT, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET coaching, Pre-Foundation

Rank: 1st (Best JEE Coaching in Sikar)

Address: Piprali Rd, opposite Petrol Pump, Jat Colony, Sikar, Rajasthan 332001

Reviews/Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐| Detailed Review of Matrix Academy

Hidden Fact:

  1. The institute prioritizes hiring 80% experienced JEE/IIT faculty and 20% freshers.
  2. Individualized counseling sessions address the specific weaknesses of each student.
  3. The teaching methodology seamlessly blends traditional and modern techniques.
  4. Matrix Academy consistently produces toppers in every JEE result over the years, showcasing the highest selection rate in Sikar.

Allen Sikar

Allen Sikar is well-known in Sikar as the second-best choice for IIT coaching. They are famous for their name and great facilities, and they use their reputation to attract students and parents.

Coachings/Program: IIT, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET coaching, Pre-Foundation

Rank: 2nd (Good JEE Coaching in Sikar)

Address: Near Piprali Circle, Jhunjhunu Bypass, Piprali Rd, Samrathpura, Rajasthan 332001

Reviews/Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐| Detailed Review of Allen Sikar

Hidden Fact:

  1. The institute makes sure to provide facilities similar to Allen’s best branches.
  2. Many students and parents choose Allen Sikar because of its name and fame.
  3. Even though Allen Sikar is popular in Sikar, it doesn’t directly compete with Allen Kota.

PCP Sikar

PCP Sikar stands as the third choice for IIT coaching in Sikar, recognized not only for its coaching institutes but also for schools and colleges. Its reputation is built on outstanding facilities and effective teaching methods for JEE aspirants.

Coachings/Program: IIT, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET coaching, Pre-Foundation

Rank: 3rd(Good JEE Coaching in Sikar)

Address: J5C8+X45, SB Tower, Piprali Rd, New Janta Colony, Sikar, Rajasthan 332001

Reviews/Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐| Detailed Review of PCP Sikar

Hidden Fact:

  1. The institution prioritizes providing top-class facilities across all its academic institutions.
  2. PCP Sikar is a favored choice due to its reputation for offering outstanding facilities.
  3. Despite a high student strength, only 60% of students can fully utilize the facilities, highlighting a need for expansion to accommodate the demand.
  4. It is known as Prince Name in Sikar.

In choosing Sikar’s top IIT coaching institutes, students and parents navigate a landscape where each institution has its unique strengths, teaching methodologies, and hidden facets that contribute to the overall educational experience. As the quest for IIT success continues, these coaching centers remain integral in shaping the future of aspiring engineers and scientists.

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Comparing Sikar and Kota’s Coaching Centers

When comparing Sikar with Kota’s coaching centers, it’s essential to appreciate the unique strengths that each educational hub brings to the table.

Historical Significance:

While Kota has a rich history as the coaching capital of India, Sikar is quickly gaining recognition as an emerging educational hub, showcasing its adaptability and potential for growth.

Scale and Infrastructure:

Kota undoubtedly boasts a larger number of coaching institutes and extensive infrastructure. However, Sikar’s more recent development means that it can adopt the latest technologies and teaching methods, potentially offering a more modern and adaptive learning environment.

Variety of Coaching Institutes:

Kota’s diverse range of coaching institutes is well-established, providing students with various options. Sikar, though currently having fewer options, can leverage this to focus on personalized attention and unique teaching methodologies.

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Competition and Peer Environment:

The competitive atmosphere and peer environment in Kota are known motivators. Sikar, with its growing reputation, offers a more personalized and possibly less overwhelming setting, which some students might find conducive to their learning.

Residential Facilities:

While Kota is renowned for its residential facilities, Sikar’s accessibility to major cities like Jaipur might be advantageous for students who prefer a more connected, non-isolated learning experience.

Brand Recognition:

Kota’s coaching centers have achieved national recognition, but Sikar is making strides and gaining attention for its quality education. Sikar’s coaching centers, though newer, are quickly building a reputation for effective teaching methods and student success.


Sikar’s strategic location near major cities provides easier accessibility, attracting students from various regions who may find it more convenient than the relatively remote location of Kota.

Evolution and Growth:

While Kota’s coaching industry has evolved over several decades, Sikar’s recent growth signifies a fresh and dynamic approach, potentially allowing for more agility in adapting to evolving educational needs.

We can say, that both Sikar and Kota contribute significantly to the field of competitive exam coaching, each with its unique advantages. Sikar’s recent development suggests a promising and adaptable environment, while Kota’s seasoned reputation stands as a testament to its enduring excellence in the field.


To sum it up, discovering the hidden aspects of IIT institutes in Sikar shows that each one has its unique strengths. Matrix Academy, Allen Sikar, and PCP Sikar have special things about them, like experienced teachers and personalized counseling. Sikar, even though it’s still growing, is making a name for itself in education. The hidden facts, such as Matrix Academy’s success rates and PCP Sikar’s focus on great facilities, make Sikar an interesting place for students. These unknown details highlight the different sides of IIT coaching in Sikar, making it an increasingly attractive choice for students who want to become engineers and scientists.

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