Top JEE IIT Schools in Sikar Rajasthan


Starting from ninth grade, students and parents usually search for coaching centers to prepare for the JEE IIT exams. But we’ve got something different to share: a list of schools that help your child prepare for JEE IIT right from the beginning. These schools offer special classes and lessons to make sure students are well-prepared for the tough exams. So, instead of separate coaching, your child can learn everything they need while attending regular classes at these schools. It’s like getting a head start for success!

List of Sikar’s IIT JEE Schools for Early Preparation

Early preparation for exams like IIT JEE is super important because it gives students more time to understand the concepts deeply and build a strong foundation. Starting early also reduces stress and gives students the chance to improve gradually. Now, if you’re in Sikar and looking for schools that offer early preparation for IIT JEE, here are three options to consider:

  • Matrix High School
  • Prince School
  • Navjeevan Science School

Overview: Best Three Schools for Early JEE Preparation

Each student is special, and schools and teachers have their unique styles of teaching to meet their needs. Some schools make learning fun by using activities, while others prefer more traditional methods. Teachers also use tools like group work and videos to make learning easier. This variety is great because it ensures that every student can find a way of learning that suits them best. So, no matter how they learn, there’s always something for everyone!

Here, we are sharing an overview of each school for early preparation.

Matrix High School: Top Choice for JEE Early Preparation

Matrix High School is an excellent option for early preparation for exams like JEE/IIT/NEET. This school stands out because it provides mandatory pre-foundation courses to all its students. They have dedicated teachers for these classes who are highly qualified, with degrees from top universities in India and extensive experience in teaching.

Other Qualities of Matrix: Matrix is known in Shekhawati town for achieving excellent results in exams like boards, olympiads, PRMO, STSE, NTSE, JEE, IIT, NEET, and other tough exams. This school and its institute are recognized as the best educational institutions in the area because they consistently produce the highest number of selections in Sikar.

Prince School: Best Option for JEE Early Preparation

Prince School is another top school in Sikar, well-known for its pre-foundation programs, especially for getting ready early for exams like IIT/JEE. They offer a pre-foundation program but remember, it’s not required like Matrix’s program. So, if you pick Prince School, make sure to choose their pre-foundation program to start JEE preparation early. It’s also good to know they don’t have a separate team of teachers for their pre-foundation program.

Other Qualities of Prince Sikar: In addition to its strong pre-foundation programs, Prince School provides excellent facilities for students, including a swimming pool, modern library, Wi-Fi area, and more. These facilities are highly regarded in the Shekhawati region of Sikar. The school also boasts good results in pre-foundation competition exams and has established various institutions in Sikar, including schools and colleges.

Navjeevan Science School Sikar: Another Option for Early JEE Preparation

Navjeevan Science School is known for its science stream and is a decent choice after Matrix and Prince School. However, its selection rate isn’t as high as the others. Still, it’s worth considering because they offer pre-foundation classes, and their fee structure is more affordable compared to Matrix and Prince.

Other Qualities of Navjeevan School: Navjeevan School has good infrastructure and is considered a solid choice after Matrix and Prince School, especially in terms of facilities. However, it’s important to consider their results as they haven’t been very impressive in terms of selections in Sikar and other institutes.

Why is it better to start preparing early for JEE/IIT exams?

Choosing to prepare early for JEE/IIT exams has several benefits compared to starting later. First, starting early means students have more time to learn the material without feeling rushed. They can understand the concepts better and practice solving problems at a comfortable pace. This reduces stress and helps them feel more confident about the exam.

Early preparation also gives students time to identify areas where they need to improve. They can get help from teachers and work on these weaknesses gradually. This way, they’re less likely to struggle with difficult topics later on.

Studying early also helps students remember what they’ve learned for longer. By studying consistently over a longer period, they build a strong foundation of knowledge that stays with them.

Furthermore, starting early allows students to use a variety of resources effectively. They can access study materials, attend classes, use online resources, and take practice tests to enhance their learning.

In simple terms, preparing early for JEE/IIT exams gives students more time to learn, understand, and remember the material, making it easier for them to succeed in these competitive exams.

Do you need a special school for early JEE/IIT prep?

Yes, you may need a reputable school that provides a pre-foundation program or a specialized program designed to offer specific classes to prepare students for IIT JEE early. These programs typically focus on building a strong foundation in key subjects and providing targeted coaching to help students excel in competitive exams. Additionally, it’s essential to choose a school with experienced teachers and a supportive learning environment to ensure effective preparation for the exams.

Why get coaching alongside early school prep for JEE/IIT?

Yes, if your goal is to become an engineer and crack the JEE/IIT exam, it’s advisable to opt for coaching alongside early preparation in school. Coaching institutes offer specialized guidance, study materials, and practice tests specifically tailored to the requirements of competitive exams like JEE/IIT. This additional support can significantly enhance your preparation and increase your chances of success.

While early preparation in school provides a strong foundation, coaching institutes offer supplementary resources and focused training that can help you excel further in the exams. Combining both school-based preparation and coaching ensures a comprehensive approach toward achieving your dream of cracking the JEE/IIT exam and pursuing a career in engineering.


Early preparation for exams like JEE/IIT is crucial for students aiming to excel in these competitive exams. By starting early, students have more time to understand concepts, identify weaknesses, and utilize resources effectively. While specialized schools offering pre-foundation programs play a significant role in early preparation, additional coaching can further enhance students’ chances of success.

We’ve provided an overview of the top three schools in Sikar known for their early JEE/IIT preparation programs: Matrix High School, Prince School, and Navjeevan Science School. Each of these schools offers unique qualities and facilities, catering to students’ diverse needs and preferences.

We hope our blog has helped guide you to find the best IIT JEE schools in Sikar. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out. We wish you the best of luck in your academic journey!