Sikar JEE Main 2024: Results Highlight


The entire city of Sikar is filled with excitement and pride as the 2024 JEE Main results are announced, highlighting amazing achievements and spreading happiness everywhere. Sikar’s students have shown excellent performance, bringing joy to all. They have achieved 100%ile and above 95%ile in the JEE Main Exam Session-1 January attempt. Some of the students like Deepak, Himanshu, Praveen, Neeraj Sharma, Harsh Birda, Loveraj Birda, Dhruv, Prashant, and Aditya Garg, and many students have qualified for this JEE Main 2024 Exam with high percentile.

Let’s check out the JEE Main Exam and its results details.

Matrix Academy Topper: JEE Result 2024

Matrix Academy is highly respected and holds the top position in Sikar for providing the best coaching for IIT, NEET, and JEE exams. They always strive to give their best and have produced numerous toppers not only in Sikar but also in Rajasthan and across India. This year, the institute has once again performed exceptionally well, achieving the highest number of selections with impressive score percentiles. Some of their notable achievers include Deepak, who scored 99.98 percentile, Praveen, who achieved the 100 percentile, Harsh, and many others.

  • Deepak – 99.98 percentile
  • Harsh Birda – 99.94 percentile
  • Loveraj Birda – 99.91 percentile
  • Akshay – 99.90 percentile
  • Deepak Swami – 99.87 percentile
  • Ravi Kumar – 99.86 percentile
  • Himanshu Saini – 99.86 percentile
  • Mahima Chotiya – 99.84 percentile
  • Harsh Lamba – 99.83 percentile
  • Arihant – 99.82 percentile
  • Lavish Temani – 99.82 percentile
  • Basant – 99.82 percentile
  • Ritesh – 99.81 percentile
  • Harshit Mittal – 99.80 percentile

In the January 2024 JEE Main exams, Matrix Academy achieved outstanding results:

  • 137 students scored above the 99.00 percentile, marking the highest achievement in Sikar.
  • 50 students scored above the 99.50 percentile, also the highest in Sikar.
  • 291 students scored above the 98.00 percentile, maintaining the highest standard in Sikar.

Additionally, the academy demonstrated exceptional performance in individual subjects:

  • 13 students achieved the 100 percentile in Physics.
  • 4 students achieved the 100 percentile in Chemistry.
  • 2 students achieved the 100 percentile in Maths.
Matrix JEE Main result From Sikar 2024 List
Matrix JEE Main Result 2024

Allen Sikar Topper: JEE Exam 2024

Allen is a well-known institute in India, and Allen Sikar is one of their branches in Shekhawati. It is also performing well and achieving good results in exams like NEET and IIT-JEE. They provide excellent facilities to their students. This year, they have one topper named Himanshu, who achieved the 100 percentile. However, while Allen institutes across India have many toppers, they have only one from Sikar.

  • One student of Allen Sikar (Himanshu) scored 100 percentile in the JEE 2024 first attempt (Highest in Sikar)
  • 35 students of Allen Sikar scored above the 99.00 percentile
  • 70+ students scored above the 98%ile in JEE Main 2024

This institute has achieved good results and celebrates this moment with all its students. It’s a great time for Allen to enjoy and celebrate this exam result. This institute holds the second rank in Sikar for NEET/IIT/JEE coaching in Sikar, Rajasthan.

PCP Sikar Topper: JEE Main Exam Session-1 (2024)

PCP Sikar, also known as Prince in Sikar, is renowned for its excellent facilities and resources. It is considered the best institute for NEET/IIT coaching and holds the 4th rank in Sikar. PCP Sikar has achieved good results this year, producing top performers such as Dhruv Srivastav with 99.88 percentile, Jai with 99.76 percentile, Sachin Budania with 99.75 percentile, and others.

  • Dhruv – 99.88 percentile
  • Jai Rankawat – 99.74 percentile
  • Sachin Budania – 99.75 percentile
  • Ankit Saini – 99.70 percentile
  • Divyesh – 99.65 percentile
  • Rishabh Pareek – 99.61 percentile
  • Mohit Yadav – 99.61 percentile
  • Nice Dhillon – 99.56 percentile
  • Rounak – 99.55 percentile
  • Deepak Saran – 99.54 percentile
  • Parav Kamboj – 99.51 percentile

In the January 2024 JEE Main exams, PCP Sikar achieved good results:

  • The highest score achieved by a student from PCP Sikar in the JEE Mains 2024 result is 99.88 percentile.
  • A total of 44 students from PCP Sikar scored above the 99 percentile mark.
  • 11 students from PCP coaching achieved scores surpassing the 99.50 percentile threshold.
PCP Sikar: Celebration JEE Main 2024 Result
PCP Sikar: Celebration JEE Main 2024 Result

Are these results from classroom coaching, or do some come from test series participation?

Yes, some coaching institutes like Matrix Academy solely rely on classroom coaching and do not offer any test series programs. On the other hand, Allen includes results from its other branches in their Sikar results. As for PCP, their results are a combination of both classroom coaching and test series participation.

How does Sikar’s performance in JEE Mains exams compare to other cities like Jaipur?

Jaipur and other cities are performing well, but it’s also true that Sikar has been rapidly growing over the past 5 years. The performance every year in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced is setting milestones in the education market. The performance of students and institutes like Matrix, Allen, GCI, CLC, PCP, and others in Sikar has been remarkable.

Which is the best option: classroom coaching or test series preparation?

Both options have their own merits. Classroom coaching provides comprehensive guidance throughout the exam preparation journey, while test series help in refining exam-taking strategies and identifying weak areas.

Who secured the 1st and 2nd ranks in the JEE Main 2024 exam?

Matrix Academy secured the 1st rank due to their highest selection rate with high percentiles, while Allen Sikar secured the 2nd rank with one topper and commendable overall performance.

When were the JEE Main exam results for the January 2024 (Session-1) declared?

The results of the JEE Main 2024 (January Attempt) were declared on February 13th, 2024.

How important are expert faculty and study materials in achieving success in the JEE Main exam?

Yes, having expert faculty and high-quality study material plays a crucial role in cracking the JEE Main exam. Expert faculty members provide valuable insights, guidance, and strategies to tackle the exam effectively. Additionally, high-quality study material helps students understand concepts thoroughly and practice extensively, which are essential for success in such competitive exams. Moreover, access to well-designed study resources can boost confidence and provide a competitive edge to aspirants.


The results of the JEE Main 2024 exam have been outstanding, and Sikar is filled with happiness and pride as our education market continues to flourish day by day. This year, Matrix Academy has delivered exceptional results, with a significant number of students scoring above 99.98 percentile. Allen Sikar, on the other hand, produced one topper with a perfect score of 100 percentile. However, Matrix emerges as the clear winner this year, having the highest number of selected students solely from classroom coaching, which speaks volumes about their overall performance and dedication. PCP Sikar has also shown commendable results, contributing to the city’s growing reputation in the field of education.