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A branch of Allen Career Institute is also in Sikar, which is known as Allen Sikar. They offer preparations like IIT/JEE/NEET exams for engineers and medical aspirants. If you live in Sikar and looking to enroll yourself or your child into Allen, it is a good time to check out some details.


You might be thinking of visiting and starting your research with its nearest branch i.e. Allen Sikar, Rajasthan.

Right? Don’t worry, read our detailed review about Allen Sikar (Allen Career Institute) where we have shared its A to Z details.

Everything About Allen Sikar: Allen Coaching Institute

Here, we have shared the all details about the Allen Career Institute of Sikar from basic information to advanced details. We did a survey and took information from Allen Students and students’ parents so that you will get everything under one roof. Also, in this hectic time, we don’t want to waste your time by going to Allen’s official site for basic information and then back to us for advanced details. This way we will ease your burden and could save a lot of time.

Overview: Basic Information of Allen Sikar

Institute Name: Allen Sikar



Contact Number:   074258 09333

Where is Allen Career Institute in Sikar?

Here is the address of Allen Career Institute of Sikar; Near Piprali Circle, Jhunjhunu Bypass, Piprali Road Samrathpura, Sikar, Rajasthan 332001.


How is Allen Sikar?

Allen Career Institute has many branches in India, but Kota’s Allen Career Institute is known as one of the best JEE institutions. And it is true that Kota’s branch has really won many parents’ and students’ hearts by achieving very good results. However, other Allen branches (included Allen in Sikar) are not doing that well as Kota is achieving.


  • Allen Career Institute Kota gives much focus on their Kota branch and has hired high-qualified faculties team for IIT/JEE preparations.
  • Allen Career Institute in Kota has high-qualified faculties team for NEET(UG) AIMPT preparations
  • Allen Kota has achieved good results in IIT/JEE Exams and giving tough competition to its all competitors.
  • Allen Kota has achieved high results in NEET Exams and giving tough competition to its all competitors
  • Many students of other states also enroll themself in Allen Kota.
  • Allen Sikar doesn’t give much focus on their Sikar branch and has not hired high-qualified faculties team for IIT/JEE preparations.
  • Allen Career Institute in Sikar has a well-qualified faculties team for NEET(UG) AIMPT preparations
  • Allen Sikar still struggling to stand out from the crowd and couldn’t achieve as much as great success stories as its competitors are getting.
  • Allen Sikar’s branch has achieved good results in NEET Exams and competing well with its competitors
  • Even, Sikar’s folk doesn’t consider them as much because they have other great options(other JEE coaching institutes in Sikar) who are doing really well.

How is Allen for JEE Main & JEE Advanced Preparation in Sikar?

If you want to become an engineer and want to join an IIT then you need to clear JEE Main and JEE advanced, both exams with good rank. However, these exams considered one of the toughest exams in India. Students may need to join JEE coaching even if they are good academically. Hence, if you want to know how is Allen career institute in Sikar for JEE coaching then we have some points that we have collected from students and their parents about Allen Sikar IIT coachings:

  • Allen career Institutes doesn’t have a high-qualified team to teach JEE students in Sikar
  • They have not good stability in their JEE results or we can say they don’t get good success stories in every JEE exams
  • They have high students ratio and low teachers ratio
  • Allen Career Institute in Sikar has a good infrastructure

Allen Sikar hasn’t achieved as much as Allen Kota so, if you are looking to join Allen Sikar for IIT preparation then you may need to explore your options with other JEE institutes of Sikar or you may choose Allen Kota.


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How is Allen for PRE-MEDICAL NEET-UG (AIPMT) Preparation?

If you want to become a doctor then you need to clear the NEET exam with a good rank. NEET exam also comes one of those toughest exams that every medical aspirant needs to clear to get admission to top government medical colleges of India. . So, if you are looking to join Allen Sikar for your NEET preparation, you must be thinking how is Allen Sikar for NEET preparation and how are their faculties, teaching method, and more.

Allen in Sikar, their students are doing well in their NEET exams, and they are giving competition to their competitors. Allen Sikar may be a good option for you as they focus more on their medical students and have good faculties for NEET preparations.


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How is Allen Career Institute’s Pre-Foundation Program?

Allen Sikar offers the pre-foundation program to their Class 6th to 10th students and they have named this program: Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation (PNCF). They offer courses for various competitive Exams and Olympiads for their students. Their PNCF (pre-foundation program) is not compulsory which means they didn’t force any students to take their pre-foundation program. They didn’t hire special faculties team for their pre-foundation program and their regular faculties take classes.

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How is Allen Hostel Facility and Fees?

Allen Career Institutes offers accommodation in Sikar to their students. Allen Sikar hostels facilities are not so good but not so bad. The food quality is average and Allen hostel fees are normal as not quite high. If you are joining Allen in Sikar and want to join Allen Sikar hostel then please first go there and do your homework first.

Are they following covid-19 rules in order to maintain cleanliness? If we come to the cleanliness point which has become very important after this pandemic situation(Covid-19). Then, they are not giving extra attention to cleanliness. They are resuming all cleaning activities that they do before covid-19 (no such extra care they are following in order to keep every room clean & hygiene).

Is Allen Career Institute is a good coaching option for Sikar Folks?

Allen Career Institute comes in the list of best institutes in India but their Sikar branch comes on the list of average coaching institutes for JEE.NEET/Pre-foundation preparations. However, there are other coachings in Sikar who are giving an outstanding performance that’s why they came on the list of best JEE/IIT/NEET coachings in Sikar.


Allen Career Institute offers JEE/NEET/Pre-foundation coaching. If you want to join Allen in Sikar or looking for your loved ones, you may choose Allen Career Institute. Or, you can do more research about the Top JEE/NEET/Pre-Foundation coachings in Sikar before jumping to any final conclusion. Because you have to be careful while choosing the best coach to have a bright career ahead.

If you are looking to enroll yourself or your child in the best NEET/JEE coaching, explore our more options, which are currently ranked high in Sikar:


Rank-1: Matrix Academy

  • They have Top Engineer + Medical + Separate pre-foundation Faculty team for their Engineer / Doctors aspirants
  • Best JEE/NEET/Pre-foundation Institute in Sikar:
  • A+ Results in every field
  • Strong Mentorship
  • Beautiful Campus +Modern classrooms
  • Polite and responisble Behaviour with parents/students
  • Students and teachers ratio is good


Rank-2: Gurukripa Career Institute

  • They have good faculty team for JEE/NEET for their Engineer and Doctor students
  • They do not have separate faculty for pre-foundation programs
  • A+ result in NEET, average result in JEE and other exams
  • Beautiful Campus + Modern Classrooms
  • Good behavior with parents and students
  • High student ratio plus low teacher ratio

Hope our detailed review of Allen Sikar would help you to make a better decision for your child or for yourself.

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