Best Pre-Foundation Program in Sikar


Best Pre-Foundation Program in Sikar? The pre-foundation program has become very important for today’s generation. Because now the competition is heavy and everyone wants to be one step ahead of each other. If you want to do your homework first by knowing which is the best pre-foundation program in Sikar? Bravo, you’ve come to the right page!

What is a Pre-Foundation Program?

A pre-foundation program is a preparation that is designed for 5th to 10th students where faculties prepare students for NTSE, IJSO, Pre-RMO, NMTC along with early preparation of IIT-JEE & NEET while balancing school preparation.

If you go to the market of Sikar, you will find many such schools (RBSE, CBSE) that will claim that they provide the best Pre-Foundation Program to all their students. Now it is a little overwhelming to find out by yourself which is the best place for your child, so we are sharing this list with you where you will find it a little easier to choose a school with the best pre-foundation program.

List of Sikar’s Schools for Pre-Foundation Program

We have shared a list of schools/coachings that are offering the best Pre-foundation program in Sikar, Rajasthan.

Below are the top-5 programs as per our analysis and survey feedback. Please check out them and read our detailed review one by one. Also, if you have any suggestions and think we have captured something wrong, please email/message us and we will rectify it.

List of top-5 Pre-foundation programs in Sikar as per our analysis

  1. Rank-1: Matrix High School or MATRIX Academy Pre-Foundation
  2. Rank-2: Allen Pre-Foundation
  3. Rank-3: KVM or CLC Pre-Foundation
  4. Rank-4: Prince Pre-Foundation
  5. Rank-5: GCI Pre-Foundation

Our Parameters to decide Best Pre-Foundation Program in Sikar

We have analyzed the best pre-foundation program of each school on the below parameters. These parameters help us to get to the conclusion that which school is offering the best pre-foundation program and who is better than others.

1. Previous Years Result

In this parameter, we have checked all the results of previous years for all the schools/coaching/pre-foundation program given above, it also tells us about their results performance, capabilities, consistency, and failures. We have considered the results of NTSE, STSE, Pre-RMO, RMO, NSEJS, Board exams, ANCQ, & other local olympiads such as SOF.

2. Quality of Faculty

A student definitely needs a “Guru”, whether it is a thing of ancient times or about this present century. If you have a good teacher, then you can make your destination a little easier.

In this section, we have analyzed:

  • Faculties expertise (Science, maths, mental ability, or more) Because Pre-foundation program need these skills
  • Faculties qualification background
  • Their experience of teaching
  • Teaching methodology

3. Academic System

In the academic programs we have examined the following metrics:

  • Are these schools conducted pre-foundation on regular basis?
  • Do they have special faculties team for their pre-foundation program?
  • Whether or not regular tests were conducted
  • Is this pre-foundation program compulsory for their students?
  • Do teachers/management here completely dedicated to their students to participate in any competitive exam like Olympiad, NTSE, or more?
  • Are they using new technology in their teaching methodology?

4. Quality of Management

We have checked how dedicated management is to this pre-foundation program. Apart from this, we have also done the qualification background check of each Board of Directors (B.O.D). We checked their expertise and their stream and also found out where they did their studies as if they were IITians, non-IITians, any medical background, or more.

5. Overall Development

In this, we have scored each school according to their student’s performance flow. We have also seen how much each student developed by doing this program. We looked if the students are made robots by only learning or there were other opportunities for students such as sports, cultural activities, annual function, regular festival celebration educational tours. We have also checked that a student has improved which of his things, how much he/she has been benefited from that improvement.

Overview of all Schools Pre-Foundation Program

As per our survey, we got the above 5 schools that are offering the best pre-foundation program in Sikar, Rajasthan. But we also understand that every school has its own quality, due to which parents and students like them. Here, check out our detailed overview of each school to know and compare which school is offering the best Pre-Foundation program.

Let’s start;

As per our analysis, feedback, and survey, this is simply the best school with the best pre-foundation program in not just Sikar but one of the best at all India levels in terms of pre-foundation. Many parents and students and teachers in Sikar give credit to this school/coaching for starting the trend of true pre-foundation in Sikar.

We have placed this school in the first rank because this school is the only one that has made the Pre -Foundation program mandatory which means that their students must take this program & they don’t have another choice to skip it.  Hence, we found this thing really good because sometimes some students try to avoid this kind of program by coming in a childish manner.

The other thing that we liked about them is that they give excellent results. In fact, the combined results of all schools will not be able to beat their school results. This school is run by IITians and they give more focus on each subject and especially science, & mathematics.

If we talk about their Pre-Foundation program performance; Last year, 17 students of Matrix High School were selected in the NTSE Stage 1 (2019-20) examination. However, if we count the selected students of the rest of the Pre-foundation schools, then together they do not have 17 selected students.

Also, 7 students of Matrix High school were selected for the pre-Regional Mathematical Olympiad (PRMO) exam where other schools also couldn’t be able to beat that result.

They have a special and dedicated faculty team for the Pre-Foundation program, where they teach students everything and build their concept with new technology and methodology.

Other Schools Pre-foundation program;

Allen school in Sikar, also offer the best pre-foundation program after Matrix High School.  They have a great team of faculty for their school. However, they don’t have a special team for their pre-foundation program. Also, if we talk about their pre-foundation program results, then you can say that their results are good as well and they can easily beat the program of other schools except for the results of Matrix High School.

The KVM school in Sikar also offers pre-foundation programs to its students but they have not made it compulsory. Also, they have not yet given much higher success stories in terms of competitive results. And, we have found from our survey that, they teach every batch of their students in the same old pattern – perhaps this is why their results are not so successful. That is why we have given the third rank to the pre-foundation program of this school. But the best thing about this school is that its management is very good, and all credit goes to Mr Shravan Chaudhary( Director of CLC.).

Hence, you may consider the above two schools, as they offer the best pre-foundation program in Sikar.


If you want to explore more options, then you may look for Prince and GCI schools, as they also offer the pre-foundation program in Sikar after the above schools. Their program is also not mandatory and also don’t provide any special team for the pre-foundation program. We have added these two schools to our list because their pre-foundation program is not the best, but not bad either.

Importance of Pre-Foundation Program

Apart from completing the syllabus for the students, it is also very important to make their base strong. Hence, the concept of the pre-foundation program i.e. an advanced preparation for students where they learn more about science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, logical reasoning, mental ability,e.t.c to crack competitive exams for a bright future.

Also, this program is important because after having the pre-foundation students can prepare themselves for NEET / JEE entrance exam comfortably along with their boards.

The student who has done the Pre-Foundation program will understand all concepts & things very quickly while preparing for NEET / JEE, whereas a student who has not done this program may take a little longer time to understand that concept.

In short, a pre-foundation program is an important thing to grab these benefits:

  • Saves students time while preparing NEET/JEE along boards
  • Build a strong base
  • Reduce stress
  • Build mental ability
  • Quick learning ability
  • Keep student practising
  • The student gets more chances for achievements like NTSE, IJSO, Pre-RMO, NMTC, e.t.c,


Nowadays, if you go to any school, you will find many things which you may not have even heard before. But, you should know which thing will give the most benefit in making your child a bright future. One of the important programs you will hear about nowadays is the “Pre-Foundation Program”, you can consider one of the above schools for your child. These are the top 5 schools in Sikar, Rajasthan, offering the best pre-foundation program.

You can ask questions if you have any, or share your suggestions if you think one or more schools’ names should be included in this list.

Feel free to write your query or suggestion in below comment section.