The best NEET coachings in Sikar [2022]


Do you want to fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a doctor? YES, then you must be preparing for NEET. Because becoming a medical doctor depends mainly on how well you score in NEET. And, for this reason, you may be in search of the best NEET coachings in Sikar.

If you are preparing for NEET along with your boards, it can be a bit risky to completely rely on self-study. Normally, it is not easy to crack NEET UG along with boards with an equal ace.

That’s why it became very important to choose the NEET coaching centre in Sikar wisely to perform your best in the NEET exam. Don’t get confused while selecting the right coaching centre. Here are some suggestions that will help you find the right option for yourself.

Let’s explore for best NEET coachings in Sikar:

Sikar as a NEET coaching market

If we talk about the overall coaching market of Sikar, very good results are coming for the last few years. But if we see the results of IIT / JEE / NEET separately, then the results of NEET also have not come down. And, it will definitely compete with the results of JEE in the coming few years.

This year we have also found few more institutes in our Sikar market which are offering NEET preparation to medical students.

Check our list to know more…

How the coaching market has grown in Sikar over years?

As we all know Kota is popularly known as the “Coaching Capital of India”. However, Sikar’s coaching market has also become quite popular in the last few years. There is no doubt that some of the best JEE institutes in Sikar have given amazing results, and even Sikar has come in the race for good results of NEET. How did Sikar’s coaching market grow so quickly? We will not be able to give all this credit to a particular thing but yes, some institutes are using new technology, giving aspirants a different environment and teachers have also contributed a lot to the development of the Sikar market.

In the coming years, the Neet coaching market will also be known as the second-largest hub like Sikar is known today for the coaching of JEE.

Major NEET coaching institutes in Sikar

Ever since NEET was made compulsory for medical doctors, you will definitely get a NEET coaching centre wherever you go in Sikar, Rajasthan, and most of all are making tall claims. Sifting, through all the coaching institutes, to select one that delivers what it promises, can be a Herculean task. 

Here are the 5 best NEET academies as per our survey so that you can easily pick the best from the chaff. 

  1. Rank-1:Matrix Academy
  2. Rank-2:GCI Sikar
  3. Rank-3:Allen Sikar
  4. Rank-4:CLC Sikar
  5. Rank-5:PCP Sikar

The above five NEET institutes are the best among all institutes in Sikar.

Comparison of best NEET coaching institutes in Sikar


What students need to understand is that not all NEET coaching institutions are the same. It means some are better than others, in all respects. That’s why it becomes crucial to compare these institutes before enrolling in a coaching institute for NEET.

Below, we have shared some dimensions that you must review before choosing a coaching institute for NEET in Sikar, Rajasthan, India. 

  • Quality of Management:

In this dimension, we have carefully analyzed the overall management of all institutions. We have also explored the profiles of each of their faculty from their directors.
What we have checked:
  1. Directors have experience of studying in the best medical colleges or not.
  2. Whether these institutes are taking classes on regular basis or not.
  3. How strict is management to discipline.
  4. How often the tests of students are conducted by the management.
  5. Whether or not these institutes complete the whole Syllabus on regular basis?
  6. Whether or not each child is counselled individually in these institutes.
  7. PTM(Parents teacher meeting) on time or not.
  8. How dedicated is management about NEET preparation?
  9. How many activities are taken care of by management?
  • Quality of Faculty:

The best coach knows what their students need. Therefore, a student definitely needs the best faculty to crack their NEET exam. In this dimension, we examined the profile of the faculties and asked several students about their teaching method. We have checked whether the faculties cracked the NEET exam themselves or not.
  • Results Quality:

Getting good results from just one student does not represent an institution as good. What matters is the selection ratio. Therefore, we compare the previous year’s results of all the above institutions of Sikar to check the quality of the results.

  • Consistency in Results:

For everyone, not every day is the same. The results of some institutes are also similar, some institutes sometimes give very good results in one year and sometimes very bad the next year. That is why we have mentioned this part here, we have found out which institute has given continuous results. It is considered very good to consistently deliver good results from an institute.

  • Use of Technology:

We already know that technology is very much in use nowadays, and when technology is used in studies, it becomes even more interesting. In this section, we have checked how much new technology is used in these institutes. Quality matters! From video lectures quality, study apps, to online presence, we have checked everything.

  • Student Care:

Care of student is most important, that is why we have carefully looked into this dimension. We have compared institutions by talking to parents and children about how their management and faculty personally care for all their students.


As per our analysis, this is how the above coaching institutes rank.

GCI SIKAR 9 9 9.5 9 8.5 45 1
ALLEN SIKAR 8.5 7 6.5 9.5 8.5 40 2
CLC SIKAR 9 6.5 8.5 7 8.5 39.5 3
PCP SIKAR 7 6 5.5 7 8.5 34 4
IMPULSE SIKAR 5 6 4 4 8 27 5

NEET Coaching Institutes

According to the overall analysis of these 5 best NEET coachings in Sikar, Rajasthan. Matrix Academy is one of the best institutes. We have included this coaching center in our Sikar’s best NEET coaching list 2022 because this institute has carved a niche for itself by achieving good results in JEE and other exams for so many years. Plus, we’ve shared the reasons why we’ve included Matrix Academy at the first place in our list;

Matrix Academy For NEET Coaching in Sikar as per our analysis:

  • They have hired “Top Medical Faculty for their medical aspirants” in Sikar
  • Matrix Academy created a separate division to provide coaching for NEET
  • They follow a strong curriculum to prepare their NEET students
  • Matrix Academy has given great success stories in Sikar (Till now no institute in Sikar has been able to compete with Matrix Academy results)
  • Also, their management team is fully devoted and known for their strong mentorship.

Secondly, we have considered GCI Sikar Institute as the second-best option for neet preparation. It is always known for its discipline. Apart from this, they also have a good medical faculties team. Their faculties are very dedicated to taking classes and tests regularly, especially Mr Pradeep Budania (Director of GCI) as he takes 7-8 classes daily. Even, he is also regarded as the best PMT chemistry faculty at Sikar. But if we talk about whether all faculties of GCI pay attention to every student individually or not. Then, it is a bit difficult to say because GCI is also known for its overcrowding. They have so many students in a batch, which we think will be quite difficult to answer every student’s query equally.


Besides, if we talk about Allen institute; Then there is no doubt that the Allen Institute in Kota is very good, but we cannot say that the Allen Kota and Allen Sikar both are equally good. Because their Sikar branch has second-grade faculties of Kota. And rest of their faculties came from some other institutes that are not so popular. Or, we can say their Sikar faculties are not too good because they don’t give so much attention to hiring faculties in Sikar. Also, what we got from the survey is GCI Sikar has achieved a great number of selections as compared to Allen Sikar’s result.


Now CLC, this institute is known so much because of one name i.e. Mr Shravan Chaudhary( Director of CLC.). Or we can say that he is the only known face of CLC, due to which parents enroll their children.  CLC has also given many good results and success stories. However, their results can’t beat GCI’s results.

CLC Sikar has also a good hostel facility where they teach students great time management and give night classes too. So, if you are looking for the best NEET coachings in Sikar with great hostel facilities, then you can choose CLC. We can also say that they are improving their teaching way and maybe we can see good changes in future.

PCP Sikar also has a good faculties team, and this is the institute that is giving coaching for all competitive exams i.e NEET/JEE. However, their JEE teaching methods are not too good as compared to their NEET teaching style. Hence, we can count this institute on the list of the average institute for NEET coaching, it means not so good and not too bad.  Apart from this, they have great infrastructure one is near Palwas Road and second at Piprali Road. However, if you are looking to join this institute for your medical exam preparation then choose the Piprali road branch as it is better than the Palwas road one. And, their results are also like their teaching method, not too high not too bad. They give average results every year.

Other Options for NEET Coachings;


If we talk about the IMPULSE institute, it is the institute that was once known because of the great faculty team, and they have also given very good results to Sikar. But now they are known for new hires. We cannot tell why most of their faculties leave the institute within half a semester, but they do not have any old faculty. Which we think is not good for students because students need time to understand the teaching method of every teacher. And, because of their stability issues, students face a lot of challenges and study loss.

Last Year Results;

In the last year result of GCI Sikar Institute, 800 PMT students were selected and they got the Government Medical seat and 150 PMT students of Allen Sikar Institute were selected. Hence as per our survey, We found GCI Sikar, & Allen Sikar one of the best institutes for medical preparation in Sikar, Rajasthan.


To crack any entrance exam like NEET; speed, accuracy, right coach, the right coaching, and self-study are crucial factors to be taken care of. The above all institutes don’t come in the list of best NEET institutes of India. But yes, they are the best options from the other NEET coaching institutes in Sikar, Rajasthan.
Before getting admission in any NEET institute in Sikar, Rajasthan, you can choose one of the above best NEET coachings in Sikar or could join their classes for a demo. Also, if you think you got the right institute who supported you while cracking the NEET exam, you can mention the institute name & support future students.
Ask us about anything else NEET/IIT/JEE related you can think of!