Coachings in Sikar vs Kota

Sikar vs Kota? Yes, you have heard it right! Since Sikar’s education market is now known for its quality education. Students who travel from Sikar to Kota only to take good coaching for IIT-JEE and NEET. This question now becomes very common to think, i.e “Who is better Sikar or Kota for coaching?”.

Sikar to Kota for JEE/IIT/NEET Coaching

Kota is the best place for students who are residents of Kota or nearby villages. However, if you are from Sikar or nearby villages of Sikar, then knowing the question’s answer is your first task. We have answered some of the major questions that are generally asked by the students who want to take coaching for NEET/ IIT/JEE.

  • Is it worth going from Sikar to Kota for coaching?
  • Is Sikar good for NEET, PMT, and AIIMS coaching?
  • Is Sikar good for JEE preparation?
  • Top coaching institutes in Sikar?
  • Fees structure in Kota vs Sikar?

In this article, we will cover all the above questions to give you a clear-cut idea about whom to choose. However, the last call is yours only, you want to choose Kota or Sikar.

Let’s begin to know about Sikar and Kota in detail.

Will it be right to select Sikar over Kota for IIT/NEET coaching?

The name “Kota for coaching” is already on everyone’s mind. But if you are getting a coaching center in Sikar too, then in this case” Will it be right to select Sikar on Kota for IIT/NEET coaching?” Well, let’s take a comparison:

let’s check some parameters that will help you to decide the right answer:

1: Medical Faculty Kota vs Sikar

Sikar’s top institutes and Kota both have the best medical faculty for their NEET students. See, it will not be right to say that all the coaching centers in Kota have the top medical faculty nor in Sikar. Talking about both cities, almost more institutes in Kota have appointed a good medical faculty such as Allen Kota, Aakash Institute, Resonance Kota, etc. And, if we talk about Sikar, then only two or three institutes have the best medical faculty for NEET like Matrix NEET Division, Gurukripa Institute, etc.

2: IIT/JEE Faculty

They both have the best JEE faculty (some of them are from IITs and NITs).

3: Fee Structure (Kota/Sikar)

Sikar’s top coaching institutes fees are affordable whereas taking coaching from Kota’s best institutes is slightly high with accommodation.

4. Students and Teachers Ratio

You will see a bit high strength of students per classroom in Kota (it’s pretty obvious as students came from different states and cities to take coaching from the top institutes) while Sikar’s institutes have an average student and high teacher ratio. However, if there are many students in one classroom, it will be a little difficult for a faculty to answer everyone’s questions on time. If you enroll in the top institute of Sikar, you will find fewer students in every class (compared to the institutions of Kota).

5: Success Stories

Talking about the success stories from the individual institutes in JEE/IIT/NEET exams, the top coaching centers of both Sikar and Kota have given very good results. So it is not at all that only the institutes of Kota have achieved good results, but Sikar has also proved that it is no less than anyone.

Final call:

If Sikar is not far from your home, you can choose any of the best NEET/JEE/IIT institutes in Sikar. Whether you have 50+ options for coaching institutes in Kota for NEET/JEE/IIT and Sikar only has one or two best options- It does not matter! But in the end, you will only need to stick to a coaching center, from where you will take coaching. Therefore, you can choose Sikar because some of their top institutes are not less than the famous institutes of Kota. Yes, it is worth choosing Sikar over Kota as your coaching center.

Is Sikar good for NEET coaching?

Sikar is a good option for NEET coaching as some of the institutes in Sikar have hired the top medical faculty team for their medical students (NEET UG, PMT, AIIMS). They have also achieved great success stories in terms of examinations.

Is Sikar good for JEE preparation?

Yes, Sikar is a great option for you if you are thinking to take your IIT JEE coaching from Sikar. We have also given our detailed review on some of Sikar’s best JEE Coaching Institutes, recently liked by parents and students.

Top coaching institutes in Sikar?

Now, the time has come to reveal some of the best institutes of Sikar that have grown Sikar Education’s market up. We have also shared the list of best JEE/NEET/Schools on our site: You can check them, too.

Check out the Top coaching institutes in Sikar, Rajasthan.

Fees structure in Kota vs Sikar?

We have also mentioned this point above on our parameters “is it worth choosing Sikar over Kota”. Let’s discuss this point in detail. Most of the institutes that are liked by parents and students in India are present in Kota, and students from all the cities of India enroll here. Also, this is the reason why the Kota fee structure is high as compared to Sikar’s institute’s fees. However, you will get the same facilities in Sikar’s top coaching institutes as Kota’s institutes are offering.


You will get to see many best coaching centers everywhere in India. But if it comes to taking coaching for IIT, JEE, and NEET preparation, then the name of Kota is first taken. But if it comes to the people living in Sikar, then whether you should go to Kota even after having good institutes in Sikar? Then you should visit some of the best institutes of Sikar that are offering the same facilities, and education, and give many success stories like Kota’s coaching institutes are achieving every year.

In short, Kota is a well-known identity for NEET/IIT/JEE coaching but yes Sikar’s coaching market for IIT/JEE/NEET preparation is also no less than Kota.