Allen Sikar Vs Allen Jaipur


Allen Sikar and Allen Jaipur are two branches of the most renowned coaching institute in India i.e. Allen Career Institute. Both institutes offer coaching classes for various competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, and IIT-JEE. Allen Sikar vs Allen Jaipur, both institutes have their own unique approach to teaching.

We got queries from parents and students about whether they should join Allen Sikar or Allen Jaipur for NEET/IIT-JEE coaching. Hence, we have come up with a detailed comparison of these two branches of Allen Career Institute (Allen Jaipur vs Allen Sikar) to give you a clear idea about these two institutes individually.

Overview: Allen Sikar

Allen Sikar (Allen Career Institute) is located Near Piprali Circle, Jhunjhunu Bypass, Piprali Rd, Samrathpura, Rajasthan 332001. Allen Sikar is giving coaching to students who are preparing for NEET/IIT/JEE. This institute has given good results in Sikar for NEET/JEE exams but it’s also true that their results consistency is not much great as other institutes are giving in Sikar.

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Overview: Allen Jaipur

Allen Jaipur is situated in Jagat Building, Samachar, 11, Gopalpura Bypass Rd, opposite Vidyashram School, Bajaj Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017. It is known for its innovative teaching strategies and comprehensive syllabus. It has a team of experienced and qualified faculty members and provides comprehensive study material to its students. Additionally, Allen Jaipur has various online and offline programs for various competitive exams. It also offers an excellent infrastructure and a wide range of online and offline programs, which makes it one of the best institutes in Jaipur. Allen in Jaipur has given good success stories like other institutes in Jaipur are offering.


Which is better Allen Jaipur or Allen Sikar?

Not all institutes are the same, even if they are two different branches of the same institute. Both Allen Sikar and Allen Jaipur are well known in their cities and locals are very happy that they have Allen Branch in their city/town.

If you want to know whether you should join Allen Sikar or Allen Jaipur: We will suggest you read this detailed comparison till the end.

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Allen Jaipur has a highly qualified team of faculty whereas Allen Sikar can be just considered as an Allen center in Sikar.

Let’s check out some of the major comparison points we have included below:

  • ALLEN Jaipur’s 85% of faculty have 10+ years of teaching experience whereas ALLEN Sikar’s 60% faculty have 10+ years of teaching experience
  • Allen Jaipur always broadcasts its success stories and results online i.e. on websites, newspapers, social media channels, and other online portals whereas Allen Sikar never reveals its results clearly online and always combined its results with Allen Kota and the rest of Allen’s branches together.
  • Both, institutes (Allen Carer Institute in Jaipur and Sikar) offer good facilities to their students and we can say there is no comparison in their facilities
  • Both, Allen Sikar and Allen Jaipur owned a great space and have a beautiful infrastructure with Hi-Tech Amenities
  • Allen in Jaipur has good strength of students and teachers whereas Allen in Sikar has good strength of students but low strength of experienced faculty for JEE-IIT/NEET coaching
  • These two institutes are charging the same fee structure as other institutes of Sikar and Jaipur is charging
  • Jaipur’s branch of Allen keeps its focus on all students (Engineering and Medical aspirants) whereas Allen Sikar is lacking the focus on JEE students and pays attention to NEET more.

Hence, Allen Jaipur is a good option between Allen Sikar and Allen Jaipur for NEET/JEE coaching.


If you want to join only Allen then you can Join Allen Jaipur and also can go for Allen Kota. As there is no competition of Allen Kota with their other branches.

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FAQ’s on Allen Career Institute

Here, we have answered some of the questions that are generally asked by students and their parents:

Q. Is Allen Jaipur Good?

Answer: Yes, Allen Jaipur is a good option for JEE/NEET coaching, if you live in Jaipur or a nearby area then looks no further than Allen Career Institute’s Jaipur branch. They have the best faculty team in their Jaipur center.

Q. Is Allen Sikar good for NEET/JEE?

Answer: Allen Sikar is offering good facilities in Sikar. However, their results consistency is not much great and you can also check some of the top 10 best coaching centers in Sikar that are giving outstanding performances.

Q. Which city is best for Allen?

Answer: Allen Kota is the best! If you want to join only Allen Career Institute then there is no comparison of Allen Kota with its rest of the branches. Allen Kota has the best faculty team in Rajasthan and India.

Q. Is Allen Jaipur as good as Allen Kota?

Answer: Allen Jaipur is a good institute for IIT/JEE/NEET coaching but Allen Kota has established its own identity by giving outstanding results every year. Hence, you should choose Allen Kota but if you live in Jaipur then you can join Allen Jaipur: It’s a good coaching center.

Q. How many Allen branches are there in India?

Answer: Allen currently has 41 Centres across India with more than 2,50,000 students enrolled across all centers in the current session.

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If you want to join Allen Career Institute and you live in Jaipur or Sikar. Then you can choose Allen Jaipur, they offer the best JEE/NEET coaching. These both institutes have their own unique approach to teaching and have proved to be highly successful in producing excellent results. However, if you live in Sikar then you may also look into other institutes of Sikar that are doing amazing in terms of results. Plus, both institutes offer comprehensive study material to their students and an experienced faculty that helps to ensure that students get the best possible results.

Overall, both Allen Sikar and Allen Jaipur are two of the branches of Rajasthan’s best coaching institutes for JEE-IIT/NEET. It is up to the student to decide Allen Sikar or Allen Jaipur institute suits their needs and requirements best.

We hope we have helped you with our detailed comparison of Allen Sikar vs Allen Jaipur.