Top English-Medium RBSE Schools in Sikar, Rajasthan


It is absolutely true that people prefer CBSE schools more than RBSE schools. But now after the implementation of the NCERT syllabus in the Rajasthan board, both boards have become more or less similar from an academic point of view. In addition, you would love to know that the trending educational hub of Sikar is home to some of the best RBSE schools, too! Therefore, you can also explore your option for the top RBSE school in Sikar, Rajasthan.

So, if you are figuring out which RBSE school will be best in Sikar for your child we may help you.

In this article, we have shared the list of the best English-medium RBSE schools in Sikar with the detailed review that we have received from students and their parents.

Please Note: Here, we are not sharing our reviews for Hindi-medium RBSE schools because we don’t think they are a good fit for your child at this age and time.

List of Best English Medium RBSE schools in Sikar

With the admission season just around the corner, the time to pick the right school for your child is here! According to the survey we ran and interviews we did, we are sharing the list of the top 5 best schools in Sikar. These schools are English medium and RBSE affiliated. Let’s check out all schools one by one:

List of top-5 RBSE schools in Sikar as per our analysis

  1. Rank-1: Matrix High School -RBSE School
  2. Rank-2: KVM RBSE School
  3. Rank-3: Prince RBSE School
  4. Rank-4:Keshwanand RBSE School
  5. Rank-5:Navjeevan RBSE School

We conducted the survey and got feedback from many parents and students and found the above schools best from others in Sikar.

Comparison of Top RBSE school in Sikar

Out of over 50+ schools in Sikar, these 5  schools are in a league of their own. However, not all schools are equal and you have to understand the expertise of each school before enrolling your child in one of them.

All schools have different teaching method. What children are taught varies greatly by schools, by faculties, by management, by technology and by the individual.

Therefore, we have compared the above RBSE schools of Sikar on the following dimensions to make your decision more clear. Below are the factors that we considered important for ranking top RBSE schools in Sikar.

Quality of Management

In this segment, we have checked the school’s management interaction with the students and parents. Apart from this, we have looked into some more points that we have mentioned below:

  • Management/staff qualification,
  • Teaching methodology
  • Effortless Fee Payment
  • Effective Communication
  • Focused professional management

Quality of academic programs

In the academic programs we have examined the following metrics:

  • Are these schools helping their students to build their concept/foundation?
  • Children’s brainstorming activity is provided here, if yes, how many activities in a month?
  • Whether or not regular tests were conducted
  • Are they running any pre-foundation / science programs for their students?
  • Do teachers/management here prepare their students to participate in any competitive exam like Olympiad, NTSE, or more?

Results quality

Here we have examined all the past results of every school very carefully. And, we have scored according to them. Result stability matters a lot! Because it can be easily ascertained which school is paying good attention to its students and how hard their teachers are working on them.

Use of technology

Nowadays technology is being used mostly by CBSE, ICSE schools. But considering technology as important, we have shared our attention for Rajasthan Board schools too. In this dimension, we checked what kind of technology the above schools are offering as the learning tool and ensuring whether they are allowing a new tech environment for each student. Because schools should definitely be in line with the latest advancements in order to keep their students updated with technological trends.

Student care

Student care is very important, especially when it comes to primary students. Because at that time students need more attention and the right knowledge. The right care will give them the freedom to think, build their strategies, confidence, and more.

In this section, we have carefully analyzed whether the school is taking proper care of each student by giving them individual or group counseling, parent-teacher meeting, and extra classes, or more. We have also checked how much they are encouraging their students to develop their skills and increase their knowledge.

As per our analysis, this is how the above RBSE schools rank.

A brief discussion of the best RBSE schools of Sikar:

First, we talk about the Prince School in Sikar; It comes on the list of one of the largest RBSE schools in terms of enrollment. The best and the worst thing about them is that Prince has so many academies to offer (apart from RBSE schools) such as Polytechnic, NDA, B.Ed., Defence Academy, IIT / JEE Institutions, and more.

At the same time, what we have observed is that the prince system sometimes lacks interest & focuses on their own RBSE school-which we think is not good. Also, they only pay attention to their few students who can bring them merits. Maybe it is because they just only have to bring one or two merits from everywhere and hence don’t really care what happens to the majority of the students.

Besides, their syllabus is also very limited and they don’t conduct any curricular activities for their students(which is really important).


KVM School, this school is a child branch of CLC coaching institutes. It comes on the list of the well-known RBSE English medium school because of Mr. Shravan Chaudhary( Director of CLC.). Or we can say that he is the only known face of CLC & KVM, Because of his dedication and good management parents enroll their children in their academies.

KVM has given many good results and success stories to RBSE boards.

However, we can’t deny saying that this school is like a coaching institute because they have 80-90 students per class.

Apart from this, their pre-foundation program is also like a parrot chanting program where they are not adding any kind of new knowledge & concept, or we can say they are teaching them with the same outdated pattern.

They really gave good results, but they don’t conduct any sports and curricular activities for their students, and they also don’t show their more focus on English.

Navjeevan School was once known as one of the best RBSE English-medium schools in Sikar during the period of 2015-16. But, over the years, the strength of his students has reduced considerably, we cannot give any specific reason why many students leave this school and join other schools.

They have also given many good results, but yes there is no consistency in their results.

Navjeevan schools director name is Mr. Shankar Lal Bagaria, he is also a government lecturer, so, this is the main reason why this school focus is shifted from one point to another because he is not able to give equal attention to both sides. This school is like a Hindi-medium, we can’t consider this school as much as good another English-medium schools.

Other options;

Keshwanand school is a really good RBSE school in terms of campus and green view. But, if you are looking for a school in Sikar only, then this may be not a g0od fit for you. Because this school is situated some miles away from Sikar.
Overall, their result is average and the hostel facility is also good but the campus greenery is the best thing about this school.


As per our survey in the market, Matrix high school is one of the best RBSE schools in Sikar; Yes, this is still newer than the other RBSE schools, but their tremendous results have rattled the other schools of the RBSE board in a very short span of time. In fact, the CBSE schools are also seen discussing their good results.

As this school is run by the IITians team so, it’s pretty obvious that they give their complete focus on everything from the pre-foundation program, science program, extracurricular activities to English. Moreover, the management and faculties of Matrix care about their students’ happiness, well-being, and life beyond the classroom.

They are committed to helping their students achieve their goals. They are not only preparing their students for Olympiads, NTSE, and other competitive exams but many of their students have qualified for these exams as well.

You can also check out the below image where it clearly shows Matrix High School’s olympiad results.


Apart from others, their teaching methodology is completely different from other RBSE schools and they are greatly using technology as a learning and teaching tool for their students. Here, students will also get HD quality video lectures.

Overall, Matrix High School is the most preferred school by the parents and students in Sikar.


While selecting the best RBSE school in Sikar, parents should definitely consider the above basic elements that can end up making their child more skillful and accomplished in terms of education and other correlated segments. You may choose or request a free demo from the list of best RBSE schools in Sikar to see how they work. If you already choose one, make sure that you have measured all the given dimensions.

However, if you are not satisfied with any point, you may share your opinion or ask any query by writing it in the comment section below.

We hope our detailed review and this list helps you in making the right choice.