Do you want to know about Sikar NEET 2020 Result? You have landed on the right page! NEET exam is one of the most difficult entrance exams for medical candidates in India. NEET exam is held twice a year!

If you think you will be able to qualify NEET exam with a high Rank easily because you are good academically? Then, it’s not just enough to get a top rank in the NEET exam. In fact, you must have a wholesome idea about the Exam Pattern, its Syllabus & the Result. In this article, we are sharing Sikar NEET 2020 Results.


Top rank from Sikar of NEET 2020 Exam [Result]

Here, we have shared the student names(along with the NEET institute name, category & rank) who have qualified NEET exam with top rank from Sikar.

First Topper Of NEET 2020 From Sikar

Student Name: Mohit Arya

Rank: AIR 183 (Overall); AIR 4 ( SC)

NEET Coaching Name: CLC Sikar

Second Topper Of NEET 2020 From Sikar

Student Name: Jyoti Kumawat

Rank : AIR 282 (Overall); AIR 64 (OBC)

NEET Coaching Name: CLC Sikar

Third Topper Of NEET 2020 From Sikar

Student Name: Prateek Kumar

Rank: AIR 299(Overall)

NEET Coaching Name: Gurukripa Sikar

Total No. of selections qualified in Sikar NEET 2020 Exam

The given NEET institutes and their students have made Sikar proud. Every institute gave an outstanding performance. Check out the total number of selections who have qualified in the NEET exam from Sikar in 2020.

CLC Sikar

CLC Sikar and CLCians really did a fantastic job by giving such an outstanding NEET result to Sikar. It is true that CLC is giving back-to-back results for a couple of years.

In 2020, CLC gave two NEET toppers to Sikar. However, CLC has not declared that how many of its students have qualified for the NEET exam in 2020. They have shared only these two toppers’ names whose details we have shared above i.e. Mohit Arya & Jyoti Kumawat.

We congratulate CLC and their two toppers who gave such a good Rank to Sikar NEET Market.

CLC completely focuses on its NEET students but it focuses comparatively less on its IIT / JEE results & their aspirants. We hope that one day CLC will also maintain good stability in their JEE Main & JEE Advanced examination results like their stability in NEET exam results.

Apart from CLC result performance; everyone knows about ER Shravan Chaudhary. He is a Director of CLC who is mainly known for maintaining good discipline in his classes. Hence, CLC is one of the best examples of those institutes that maintain Good Discipline in their classes.

Gurukripa Sikar

Gurukripa Sikar (GCI NEET Coaching) gave third topper to Sikar. Gurukripa 700+ students have qualified for the NEET 2020 Exam. It’s also an outstanding performance where 700+ GCIians have qualified for their medical exam.

NEET is also one of the toughest exams that give a chance to medical aspirants to get admission to the best medical colleges of India.

Gurukripa is giving a tough competition to CLC ad other NEET coaching institutes of Sikar with his outstanding performance. Overall, Gurukripa is completely focused on their medical aspirants and their faculties team is doing hard work on their students.

PCP Sikar

Prince Career Pioneer(PCP) Sikar 170+ students out of 1018 students have qualified NEET 2020 Exam with good rank. PCP also gave two toppers to Sikar but they fall in the General EWS category.

Name of Two Toppers of PCP who have achieved good rank from other PCP students in their NEET Exams 2020

First Topper of PCP NEET 2020 Exam

PCP Student Name: Vishal Singh Shekhawat

Rank: AIR 123 (General EWS)

Second Topper Of PCP NEET 2020 Exam

PCP Student Name: Mahaveer

Rank: AIR 160 (General EWS)

EWS vs general rank denotes the rank you got EWS rank at what general rank.

For example: in 100 students there are 20 EWS students and you are better than 80 students overall and in the EWS category you are better than ( only if you belong to the EWS category) 10 students.

or we can say competition quite low as compare to others.

So, we can say they got two toppers in General EWS rank. And, that’s the reason why we haven’t put PCP and other coaching centres result on the above top list.

All we have observed that PCP is giving average results in all examinations; such as they are giving average results in JEE main & JEE advanced, NEET, and other competitive exams.

Impulse Career Institute Sikar

80+ impulse students of Sikar have qualified NEET 2020 exam with a good rank. They also gave 4 toppers to Haryana and proved that they are doing hard work on their NEET students of every branch. Impulse is one of those NEET coaching centers in Sikar that gives its 100% attention to its medical aspirants.

Sikar Education Hub gives them the best wishes that they will surely achieve high results in NEET exams in upcoming years. We spoke to parents and they told us that they have completely focused on NEET and their preparations.

Two Toppers of Impulse who have achieved good rank from other Impulse students in their NEET Exams 2020

First Topper of Impulse NEET 2020 Exam

Impulse Student Name: Pooranamal Yaadav

Rank: AIR 1021 (Overall Rank)

Second Topper Of Impulse NEET 2020 Exam

Impusle Student Name: Yogesh

Rank: AIR 1469(Overall rank)

Aayaam Academy Sikar

Aayaam Academy in Sikar has also given some good results in the OBC category. But, they didn’t show their results anywhere. It clearly shows that they are not uploading their results on the Internet.

Swabhiman NEET Academy

30+ students of Swabhiman NEET Academy have achieved a good rank in their NEET Exams. They offer NEET coaching to medical aspirants and they have limited students per class-which we think is good for those students who need extra care individually.

However, they are still struggling in competing with other NEET coaching institutes of Sikar.

Two Toppers of Swabhiman NEET Academy who have achieved good rank from other Swabhiman students in their NEET Exams 2020

First Topper of Swabhiman NEET 2020 Exam

Impulse Student Name: Shivraj Singh

Rank: AIR 87(General EWS)

Second Topper Of Swabhiman NEET 2020 Exam

Impusle Student Name: Geetanjali

Rank: AIR 403(General EWS)

Other NEET coaching Center in Sikar

These are the two NEET institute names who have also achieved some good success stories in NEET 2020 exams from Sikar. Neither they are active in social media nor have their own official website. These two NEET institutes are an average NEET institute of Sikar.

  • Dyal Career Institute
  • Samarpan Career Institute

Overall summary of Sikar NEET 2020 Result:

After reading the complete Sikar NEET 2020 Result, you got a clear-cut idea that how many students have achieved a good rank From Sikar and how many institutes have added new success stories in 2020.

NEET UG exams include the syllabus from classes 11 and 12 subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology. In case you do not have a clear idea about how the exam works, the best NEET coaching center in Sikar will play the role of being your guide. However, you could get full details on the above institutes by requesting a free or paid demo. It is just about your willingness to go and get the information that decides your need for a coaching centre.