Sikar JEE main 2020 result: IIT- JEE Main and IIT-JEE Advanced, are both exams for aspirants to get admission into top engineering colleges in India. Such as NITs, CFTIs, IIITs (Indian Institute of Information Technology), IITs (JEE Main is the first of two exams to be taken for actual admission), and other state and Government funded Institutions. The JEE Main examination is conducted by the CBSE whereas JEE Advanced is conducted by IIT. Students from all cities and villages of India (who want to enroll in top engineering colleges) give this exam.

In this article, we will share the list of Sikar JEE Advanced 2020 Result

Top Rank Sikar JEE main 2020 Result

Here, we have shared the top three students name(along with the JEE institute name, category. rank, & percentile) who have qualified JEE Main exam with top rank from Sikar.

First Topper Of JEE Main 2020 From Sikar

Student Name: Nagendra Singh

Percentile: 99.9926 %tile (First Highest in Sikar)

Overall AIR : 123; AIR 15 (OBC)

JEE Coaching Name: Matrix JEE Academy

Second Topper Of JEE Main 2020 From Sikar

Student Name: Nikhil Agarwal

Percentile: 99.98%tile (Second Highest in Sikar)

Overall AIR : 121

JEE Caching Name: CLC Sikar

Third Topper Of JEE Main 2020 From Sikar

Student Name: Anirudh Bajaj

Percentile: 99.97%tile (Third Highest in Sikar)

Overall AIR : 336

JEE Caching Name: PCP Sikar

Total No. of selections qualified in JEE Main in Sikar

This is really a great diversion for the last 2-3 years where the students of Sikar have given good results one by one. And, proving that Sikar has also become one of the second-largest hubs of JEE coachings. Sikar has not only given such good results in selected subjects, but he has made his mark in every corner competently. Hence, illuminated the name of its own state, and Rajasthan in India.

Sikar itself has so far delivered many success stories for IIT-JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, and more. And this drastic change has been visible in Sikar’s coaching market for more than a few years.

Check out the given names of Sikar’s institute who are giving great results every year. Also, we are giving you a brief introduction of Sikar’s institute many students were selected & related details that will help you to analyze each JEE institute deeply.


1200+ students of Matrix JEE Academy have qualified for the JEE Main exam 2020 out of which 12 students have achieved more than 99.75%tile which is the highest till now in Sikar, 32 students have achieved more than 99.50%tile and 102 students have got more than 99.00%tile. This result of the Matrix JEE Academy includes only the result of Sikar Classroom. Neither a test series nor any branch results are included in it.

“Matricians performance” wins every local folks heart because “In terms of results, no one has been able to beat the record of this institute yet.” In fact, During the survey, we came to know from the students that this institute gives counselling to each student separately, in which they are not only told about their shortcomings in detail but also ask to pay attention to each of them.

Overall, if you want to enrol your child in an institution where the faculty of management and institute takes full responsibility for building your child a strong foundation for his/her bright future, and where your child will begin to understand responsibility by himself, then you must consider Matrix JEE Academy.

CLC Sikar

In the JEE Main 2020 race, CLCians have also brought up Sikar’s name by achieving a good rank and percentile. 22 students of this academy got more than 99%tile, 90 students have achieved more than 95% tile, & the rest 170 students got more than 90%tile. In terms of continuity, they do not have a stable result rate like CLC has given Sikar the 2nd topper in the JEE Main Examination this year but CLC has been unable to give Sikar any topper of JEE Advance this year which shows they don’t have great stability in their result.

Also, we have spoken to parents and students during our survey, and they have told us about their good management and discipline which is entirely attributed to ER Shravan Chaudhary (Director of CLC). It can be said that if you are looking for an institution that is known for its discipline, then you can definitely choose CLC Sikar. However, for JEE Main and Advanced, it is important to pay attention to other things besides discipline.

PCP Sikar

319+ students of PCP Sikar have qualified the JEE Main 2020 exam out of which 174 students have achieved more than 95%tile. This institute has also shown good results in JEE Main this time and giving tough competition to CLC & other JEE coaching academies, although this institute focuses more on the results of NEET.



Allen Sikar’s 8 students have scored more than 99. 5% tile, 16 students scored 99% tile, and 44 students scored 98% tile in JEE Main 2020 Exam. However, Allen Sikar gave 3rd topper in JEE Advanced 2020 result but couldn’t beat other institutes with its JEE Main 2020 result this time.

It is true that a student passes an exam, however, it cannot be denied that behind a success story: it involves many factors. The factor could be one or more such as Hard work of the student, the support given by their parents, hard work of their institutions (parents or student selected), knowledge & guidance of the right mentor, right study material, crystal clear concept, strong base, confidence, & more… So, before enrolling your child in any JEE ACADEMY IN SIKAR, do your homework first.


We have checkout many of Sikar’s results and what we have seen is “Sikar has effectively made its mark in the IIT / JEE Main & Advanced Coaching market.” Also, Sikar has many JEE institute that is giving back to back success stories in every exam. So, if you want to enrol your child into a top engineering college in India then you can consider the above JEE coaching institute:

You can consider Matrix JEE Academy, which comes on the list of one of the best JEE coaching institutes in Sikar giving 100% effort to its engineer aspirants. They have a team of top IITs and IIM graduates, who are dedicatedly focused on supporting students on a regular basis. In addition, they use the most advanced learning method to build a solid foundation for their student’s career. Or, may consider CLC Sikar, who is well known for its discipline and good management system, whereas PCP, and other Sikar’s JEE academy are also doing hard work to train their engineer aspirants and giving good results.