NTSE Stage-1 Result 2021- Sikar Rajasthan

Finally, the NTSE Stage-1 result of Sikar, Rajasthan has been declared. NTSE exam stage 1 and stage 2 both are tough on their own that needs focus, time management, crystal clear concepts, smart study, and most important the right guidance. If you want to know who did well on NTSE Stage 1 exam from Sikar, Rajasthan? Great, you’ve come to the right page!

What is NTSE Exam?

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a National-Level Scholarship Program that is conducted by NCERT. This program identifies talented students and encourages them to pursue higher education.

In this article, we will share the NTSE Stage-1 2021 Results of Sikar, Rajasthan along with the name of the pre-foundation schools/institutes in Sikar.

On which date NTSE stage-1 Rajasthan result was declared?

NTSE Stage-1 2020-2021 Result from Rajasthan was declared on June 18, 2021.

Who is the topper of NTSE Stage-1 Exam from Sikar, Rajasthan?

Here, we have shared the top three students’ names (along with the school name, category. rank, & location) who have qualified NTSE Stage-1 exam with top rank from Sikar.

  • Aman Nehra (NTSE 1st Topper, Sikar)
  • Aaditya Pratap(NTSE 2nd Topper, Sikar)
  • Mayank Soni(NTSE 2nd Topper, Sikar)
  • Aditya Bijarniya(NTSE 3rd Topper, Sikar)

First Topper Of NTSE Stage-1 2021 From Sikar

Student Name: Aman Nehra

State Rank : 4th; Gen.

NTSE School Name: Matrix High School

Second Topper Of NTSE Stage-1 2021 From Sikar

Student Name: Aaditya Pratap

State Rank : 7th; Gen.

NTSE School Name: Matrix High School

Student Name: Mayank Soni

State Rank : 7th; Gen.

NTSE School Name: Matrix High School

Third Topper Of NTSE Stage-1 2021 From Sikar

Student Name: Aditya Bijarniya

State Rank : 19th; Gen.

NTSE School Name: Matrix High School

Total No. of selections qualified in NTSE Stage-1 in Sikar

Matrix High School

28 students of this school have qualified for the NTSE Stage-1 exam 2020-21 which is the highest selection rate in Rajasthan. All of the first 5 Sikar’s toppers are from Matrix High School only. Hence, it shows clearly that Matrix High School has successfully placed its steps into the back-to-back toppers list. Also, they are offering the best pre-foundation program in Sikar to their students. Matrix high school has made their pre-foundation program compulsory for all students.

All first 5 toppers of Sikar are from MHS (Rank-1,2,2,4,5 in Sikar).

3 out of top-7 students in Rajasthan in Gen. cat. are from MHS.

6 out of the top-6 in OBC cat. students in the entire Rajasthan are from MHS.

GCI-Gurukripa Career Institute

GCI also did a great job, and especially this year! Because, 14 students of this institute have qualified for the NTSE Stage-1 exam 2020-21 that shows a good success score, too. They’re also offering a Pre-foundation program to their students(not compulsory) and they named it Pre-foundation Division.

Three GCIians topper name who have qualified NTSE Stage-1 exam from GCI Sikar:

Preetam Kumar: 180 Marks

Deepak: 180 Marks

Rakshita Mahala: 179 Marks

Please note: GCI didn’t mention their toppers rank anywhere. Hence, we didn’t mention the Rank, and category of the above students. Because we don’t want to share wrong information with our readers.

PCP Sikar- Prince Career Pioneer

6 PCPians have qualified NTSE exam stage-1 from PCP in Sikar which is considered a low selection rate in Sikar, Rajasthan. They are also offering a Pre-foundation program to their students like other schools/institutes of Sikar are offering but don’t know why they are not getting much great results in NTSE, and other competitive exams.

Three PCPians topper name who have qualified NTSE Stage-1 exam from PCP Sikar:

Devesh Kumar: 38th Rank(OBC)

Sachin Mahala: 62th Rank

Yushmita Bisu: 81th Rank

From a couple of times, PCP is unable to balance their result stability, it may be due to any reason. But, we hope that they will try to give some success stories next time and might be able to balance the stability of their results.

Allen Sikar- Allen Career Institute

20 students of Allen Sikar have qualified for the NTSE Stage-1 exam 2020-21. However, they didn’t mention their results and students’ name, rank, category clearly. So, we can’t say anything about their NTSE result quality. All, we can say is that they should highlight all student’s names (along with rank, category, marks) who have qualified for the NTSE exam this year.

What benefits will be given to the students who have topped NTSE Stage-1?

  • Scholarship
  • Get preference in study abroad
  • Build Confidence
  • Get admission to top institutes
  • The candidate will get a competitive edge when applying for a job
  • Discounts

How much scholarships will a student get from NTSE?

Once a student clears the NTSE exam, he/she will get a sum of Rs. 1250/month for their higher secondary studies and Rs. 2000/ month for their undergraduate and postgraduate levels as a scholarship.

How can a student pass NTSE exam?

NTSE exam is also one of the toughest exams in India. If a students want to clear NTSE exams he/she needs to consider some more tips that are given below:

  • Student needs to join-Best Pre-foundation Program
  • Student needs-Right Mentorship
  • Candidate should have-Right study environment
  • Should have Crystal clear concepts
  • Daily Practices
  • +More

If you want to know more about the best pre-foundation programs in Sikar? Checkout our blog…


NTSE Stage-1 examination 2020-21 has declared its results and Sikar has received his toppers this year. This time, students of many pre-foundation schools have passed the NTSE exam successfully and made Sikar proud. This year, Matrix High School got the highest selection in Rajasthan and GCI also achieved some success stories for Sikar. We hope that they will again make Sikar proud by giving great success stories in the next NTSE Stage-2 examination.