How to prepare for NEET at home


NEET exam requires great preparation that doesn’t matter whether you are preparing from home or taking the help of a coaching center. You should do your planning from the scratch and smartly. If you are doing early preparation then you have successfully implemented your study plan but make sure you are doing it correctly. After school, if you are not taking coaching from anywhere then you must have a lot of free time and it can be utilized efficiently for executing important goals and plans.

If you are 100% devoted to your NEET preparation then no one can stop you to get high marks in the NEET exam.

Here, we shall discuss how to utilize your quality time effectively and prepare for the NEET exams from home.

Avoid Distractions

You should value your time and manage it properly by avoiding any kind of distraction. You should not have your phone with you while studying because it is one of the main distractions for today’s children. If you will use your phone while studying then you will spend half of your time scrolling g Instagram feed, Facebook reels, and Youtube Shorts.

The NEET exam is one of the toughest exams in India and it needs a lot of dedication and smart planning. Hence, you should keep your all gadgets away from yourself as much as possible and you should not use them during your study time. For every 3 or 4 hours of studying, reward yourself by watching your favorite episode on Netflix or a video on YouTube during the little break. Do not allow yourself to watch anything if you are not done with your 3-4 hours of study. Training your mind in a certain way is the only possible way to avoid distractions.

We know it’s pretty hard, if you are not able to study well just because your phone is calling you then you should join a coaching center near you.

Practice Daily

You have heard many times that practice makes a man perfect. Hence, you should practice daily all your problems and exercise. This way you will be able to boost your learning process.

Good Sleep

Don’t forget to take good sleep. Good sleep will enhance your mind and also heal your tiredness. If you will not take 8-9 hours of sleep then your mind and body both will be exhausted and your mind will stop working.

Balanced diet and Excercise

Studying for hours can be an exhausting task and it will consume a lot of time and energy from your body and mind. To not let yourself drain, maintain a healthy routine by exercising and eating a balanced meal. Exercising and meditating will boost your mental and physical performance and will help you to stay active throughout your exam preparation.

Choose Your Mentor

You should have someone who can help you with problems. If you have any problem you may ask him/ her. If you do have not anyone then you need to rethink preparing at Home. Because doubts should be clear on time and if it is left unresolved then you may get into the problem at the time of exam day.

Know Your Syllabus

You should know your whole syllabus which is important for the NEET exam. You may ask your teachers, or anyone you think is good at it. Even, you may find it from the right source.