Daffodils World School Sikar


Daffodils World School imparts education to the students from Nursery to Class X. The school is in Jeevan Nagar, Bajaj Village, Sanwali, Sikar (Rajasthan) 332021. If you want to enroll your child in Daffodils World School but first want to know everything about them-You are on the right page! Here, we have shared all the detailed information about Daffodils World School, Sikar.

It is a great thing to get A to Z information about the school you are going to enroll your child in. Read our detailed review about Daffodils World Schools.

Is Daffodils World School in Sikar affiliated to CBSE?

Yes, Daffodils World School in Sikar is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.


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Daffodils World School For Primary Students

Daffodils World School is very famous for its primary classes. They have a great team of primary teachers and they all work a lot to teach their primary students.

If you are looking for preschools and nurseries, this school will be the best fit for your child. Not only do their educators speak kindly and respectfully with the children and parents but Daffodils World School’s teachers take good care of its primary students. Their teachers will do everything in their power to keep them happy and healthy in the process. 

Some of the most important qualities that Daffodils World School’s primary teachers have:

  • They are experienced and dedicated
  • Enthusiasm
  • Creative
  • Has good sense of humor
  • Passionate
  • Great communication skills

Daffodils World School for High School Students

If you want to choose the Daffodils school for your child’s high school, then read our section carefully. During the survey, we spoke to Daffodils World School’s students’ and students’ parents, and they told us that they do not focus on their high/senior students as much as they do on primary kids. Not only do the parents of the students believe this, but when we checked the educational background of the teachers, their behavior, and their method of teaching, we came to know that the primary teachers are more qualified and experienced than the teachers of their senior classes.

Comparison of Daffodils World Schools Primary Section to Senior Section

Still, Confuse? Don’t worry! This section is specially created for “you parents” so that you can clear your all doubts before jumping to any conclusion. See, here we have included all the points that will give you a clear-cut idea about Daffodils World School of each section. Whether you are looking for primary school or high school-Check the below comparison column and get a real idea about them.

Daffodils’ Primary Section

  • They have experienced faculties who are expertise in thier subjects
  • They take great care of each kids and conduct time to tie PTM(Parents teachers meetings)
  • Primary teachers uses modern tools i.e. videos, learning toys, animated movies and more to teach their primary kids
  • They have good sports facilties for their kid’s students
  • They want their each child preformance at the same level.
  • Beautiful classrooms for primary section
  • Daffodils world schools students are doing great in every exams and activities.

Daffodils Senior Section

  • Don’t have experienced faculties who are expertise in their subjects
  • They do care of each students but don’t conduct regular PTM(Parents Teachers Meeting)
  • Modern tools(video leactres, computer labs) are also available for senior classes but senior teachers give less importance
  • They offer some sports facilties but not upto the mark
  • Sometimes lack their focus on average students as compare top students
  • Good classrooms for senior section
  • Daffodils High Class students are not scoring much.

Best High Schools in Sikar For Class-VI to X

  1. Rank-1: Matrix High School-MHS
  2. Rank-2:Daffodils
  3. Rank-3:Euro
  4. Rank-4: Prince Academy

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In Depth Points About the Daffodils Sikar

There is no pay in this that this school is best for primary students, but it is also very important to know about their good and weak points. Hence, this section will help you to know what this school excels in and what it is still struggling with.

Each school has its own merits and Daffodils World School also has its strengths and weaknesses, too.


Good Points About Daffodils World School:

Daffodils World School comes on the list of 2nd best primary schools in Sikar.

  • Their school management is really nice and they conduct many programs & activities for their all students.
  • The Daffodils World School Sikar fees structure is high for all sections but daffodills fee for primary sections is quite worthy as compared to senior classes.
  • Their classrooms, infrastructure, campus, playground, library, labs, and computer labs are beautiful and well constructed. They always maintain their school exterior and interior from time to time.
  • Daffodils World School online classes are good for primary students and they always take care of their each primary student at the time of online classes.

What is the Daffodils World School Sikar fees structure?

You need to contact their school management team to know more about Daffodils World School Sikar fees structure and procedure.

Weak Points About Daffodils World School:

Just as everything has something special, it also has some flaws in it. In this section, we have shared some flaws/weak points about Daffodils World School, Sikar.

  • They do not have a team of teachers who are excellent in their own subject to teach the students of senior classes.
  • There are some other good CBSE schools in Sikar (Let’s find out the list of best schools in Sikar)which are giving much better results than them such as Matrix High School(Ranking 1st in terms of Results Performanance). Hence, Daffdils World school is still struggling somewhere in the boards examinations.
  • The Daffodils World School Student app isn’t better designed. Sometimes when students login in it they face lot of problem or we can say Daffodils World School student app login problem is the major draw back.
  • These people should also pay special attention to the things of entertainment of their senior students, like they give to kido’s students.
  • Daffodils World School, Sikar don’t include modern tools in their teaching methods for their senior students-which we thin is not good. Because modern tools (such as video lectures, digital learning, tests) are considered to be one of the effective teaching method in today’s era.

Why is it important to know about the school before enrolling in it?

This is an important step that every parent should take. If you visit the school directly, you will forget to ask and check many things. That’s why if you have done some homework from your end, you will know what to look for in the school you choose. Before you take a tour of the school, be sure to find out the information about that school from its good to its weak point. Besides, you should also prepare a list of some questions that you think would help you to make your decision even more strong. As a parent, no one knows better about your child’s needs than you. Simply talk to your child about his/her needs and then understand if Daffodis World School will be able to meet your child’s needs.

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Questions To Ask While Visiting Daffodils World School in Sikar

As we mentioned above it is good to do your homework before jumping to any conclusion after all it’s a matter of your child’s future. Here, we have some questions that you may include in your questions list (if you have prepared any).

  1. Ask school about their teaching methdology for average & topper students and observe their response (positive or negative)
  2. You shouldn’t forget to ask about the PTM they conduct. Ask Daffodils World School maagement about “what they do at PTM and what topics they talk about. ” Because we came to know from parents & students that they talk about the student’s exams results but don’t monitor their class performance(which we found is not good).
  3. Ask them to show their 2-3 previous years’ results (especially board resullts) to check exams performanace stability
  4. How do faculties make the class interesting when their students are bored?
  5. If parents want to connect with management, faculties and students, what will be the mode of communication for that?

This school also provides education to the children like other schools are offering.

To check more photos of this school, go through the Daffodils World School Facebook page also.


Reviewing everything about Daffodils World School we came to know that this school absolutely comes in the list of good primary schools in Sikar. Hence, if your child belongs to junior classes(Nursery to 1st) then Daffodils World School would be the perfect fit for your child, but if your child comes in the senior classes(Above 1st Std.) then you need to explore your options. If you are not sure which school to choose for your child; So you can also check out some more schools in Sikar which are very popular in Sikar.


Rank-1: Matrix High School

  • Best Teachers and management team in Sikar
  • MHS offer compulsory Pre-foundation program
  • They have separate teachers for each subject, Infact they have separate teachers for Pre-foundation program
  • Modern classrooms, library, & High-Tech amenities
  • School is affiliated to RBSE and CBSE
  • Affordable fee structure with modern facilties & hostel facility
  • Offer good transport facility

Rank-3: Euro International School

  • They have best teachers for their primary section studnets
  • This school have beautiful campus, library, playground, and more
  • Euro school is a CBSE affiliated school
  • It is a good co-educational school for primary students